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As human beings we are often plagued by worries about the future and are unsure of our place in the world. Young and old, we worry about being able to reclaim our destiny. Some of us teeter in indecision, while others are completely unsure of what steps to take and in which direction. 

In our search for our place in this world, we often have questions: 
- Why do I excel at job A and not job B? 
- I just graduated from college. What do I do now? 
- What type of environment would give me the highest quality of life for my personality? 

Astrology is the most targeted, layered, and accurate self-help system in existence today. However Self- Help and Astrology are typically considered two different worlds of thought. The two resources have not been married…until now. The Road from Space: How to find yourself in the 21st century is an astrology self-help personal transformation book with practical application. 
This book will help address the above questions… 

…and much much more . 

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