Book Description

Publication Date: April 15, 2014

Taryn Maguire was good at hitting the shot called a stinger, good enough to get on the PGA Tour. Taryn was called Stinger. A top golfer, he was also known as a humanitarian. He was found brutally murdered after returning to Willowtree, Arizona, his hometown, for a charity event. 
Bruce DelReno, a retired postman and golf enthusiast, found the body and becomes emotionally involved in the murder investigation. With his friends, including Ben Samuel, his Apache sidekick, he uncovers secrets long held by people in Willowtree. When Stinger’s own secret is discovered it becomes a bigger story than his death. Fans of Willowtree, the first Bruce DelReno Mystery, will find more of Bruce’s unique relationships with friends, the police, witnesses, and suspects