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Publication Date: April 4, 2015

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Unleash your true parenting potential!

Are you feeling frustrated because you can never decipher your toddler behavior

Do you feel drained daily because of your toddler’s endless tantrums

Getting disrupted sleep every night when your toddler clings to you

Feel like you are at the loosing end of parenting your toddler

TODDLER CHAMPIONS will guide you exactly on how you can be in control of your parenting woes and take parenthood to new heights by overcoming all your toddler’s antiques and tantrums. The key to this is about understanding your toddler’s behavior, and learning how to effectively tackle them in the most efficient manner. 

In this book, you will learn:

• The 5 Key Steps to understanding your child’s thoughts and behavior 
• Preventing and controlling your child’s temper tantrums without much discipline 
• Tackling defiance 6 Simple Effective Steps 
• Coaxing your child using our 7 Step Routine to ensure they sleep perfectly through the night 
• Triumph over your frustrations and enjoy parenthood more than ever! 

A child is a beautiful gift from GOD and we all deserve the right to delight in the phase of parenting. 

Take your first steps to great parenting and download TODDLER CHAMPIONS to help relieve your parenting frustrations.

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