Rainbow Street
By Gali Gilor

Book Description

Publication Date: March 23, 2015

rainbow street is as short as can be. 
It has four buildings only. 
On this special street each family, 
Has its own color, separately. 
Where do they live and who are these families? 
If you would like to find out, come along please. 
Join us for aun, joyful, and colorful journey along Rainbow Street, discover your own special unique color and other's colors too, and find out how to do magic with your color. 
Rainbow Street was written for both children and their parents to enjoy together. 

Rainbow Street's author, Gali Gilor, has a background in business management, design, and transpersonal psychotherapy. She has worked with schools, in kindergartens, as well as in health promotion systems. 
Gali Gilor has been exposed to education and health improvement methodologies such as positive psychology, bibliotherapy, gardening and phototherapy. Rainbow Street was written based on a combination of these methodologies. Gali Gilor writes with a special, holistic style, bringing us a fun story with both educational and self-development qualities; so when your children read the book, it will hopefully help them to achieve the best with their abilities. 

Thank you, and enjoy your reading…