Tobacco Sticks (Southern Mysteries)
By William Elliott Hazelgrove

Book Description

Publication Date: August 1, 2013

A Great Summer read and a real A To Kill A Mockingbird story. Tobacco Sticks takes us back to the Southern town of Richmond in 1946. It is the story of a Senatorial campaign, the rise of the unions, and Burke Hartwell, a lawyer and civic minded man who must choose between two worlds. The war is ending and for Lee Hartwell and his family it bodes the end of something they won't understand until it is too late. 

" Explosive racial tension, betrayal and murder, difficult ethical and social decisions, first love and a dramatic denouemont in a sweaty Virginia courtroom are skillfully entwined in this haunting tale which has all the characteristics of a good summer read." Starred Review Publishers Weekly 
Book of the Month Club Selection 

"The summer my brother came home from the war was so hot they had to repave the soft tar of Hermitage Street twice. I remember watching the crews, their white t-shirts glowing in the July night with the gravel smoke dancing white under a low moon. It was the last war summer and we received a telegram saying Lucas has been wounded. First we thought he had been shot in the leg, then it became the foot." 
Tobacco Sticks 

"American Fiction is not dead, Hazelgrove has skillfully revived it with his second novel, Tobacco Sticks. Highly recommended. " 
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