Book Description

Publication Date: February 14, 2015

Jordana Lopez has spent her life on the outside looking in and living in other people’s shadows, but now it’s time for her to shine. No longer is she the gangly little sister of a beauty queen or a Hollywood super star. Now, Jordana is making it on her own as one of the culinary world’s hottest up-and-coming young chefs and everyone wants her. However, she only has eyes for the one person who has eluded her since her teenage days, former Miami Tarpons player and now team owner, Dante Laredo. He finally sees her for the beautiful, talented, and smart woman she is and not the awkward, mousy, braces-wearing little kid who was forever hanging around his parents' kitchen with her mother, their chef, Rosa. Now, Dante is willing to risk everything--including signing football's most wanted free agent who just happens to be his fiancee's brother--to claim Jordana as his own. However, his twin brother, Lorenzo, the real brains behind the operation of the Miami Tarpons, has something to say about his brother fraternizing with the daughter of their cook. Lorenzo makes it his business to divert Dante's attention away from Jordana and entertain Jordana himself in order to take the team to a whole new championship level...because all's fair in love and football.

All's Fair is the fourth novel in the A Glamorous Life series by bestselling author, Marley Gibson. Other books include: You Had Me at Merlot (Book 1), Head Over High Heels (Book 2), Saving Face (Book 3).

This book contains adult situations, language, sexual content. Mature audience; 18+.