Book Description

Publication Date: December 3, 2014

100,000 years alone

Grab the coolest cyberspace, nanopunk odyssey since William Gibson’s Neuromancer and join us in the most exciting new universe in SFF. 
With Wildcard, Master stylist and best-selling rowdy bard Kelly Mitchell (shortlisted for the prestigious Faulkner Wisdom prize) codes out a complex masterpiece in the vein of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque cycle with channels of Zelazny’s Amber series and brush strokes of Neuromancer. 
When young Karl and his mother Martha are torn apart by hidden forces, they find themselves pawns in the larger game played out by three Manufactured Entities - Juniper, who studies power; :3:, the lord of science and math, and the slightly absurd D’artagnan, who struggles to become human. Powerful humans - the Named - also have designs on their future. 
But the darkest plan of all may come from Wildcard - the semi-mythical, horribly damaged first Manufactured Entity, who was trapped in isolation for 100,000 years alone, who has never made contact with anyone, and who may not even exist. 

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brief synopsis

When the Artificial Intelligence Wildcard is trapped for 100,000 years alone (subjective time), the other A.I.'s are created. Manipulating humanity and especially Karl - an engineered empath - they want to connect Wildspace with Earth. But it's dangerous. This High Concept, Speculative Fiction debut, reminds one of the old masters - Zelazny and Larry Niven come to mind in terms of characters and odd world-building ideas.