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Publication Date: December 28, 2014

Sex Addiction H E L P:


The Ultimate Sex Addiction Recovery Guide

Taking your life back and KEEPING IT. 

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 Sex Addiction is the “elephant in the room” in other words, a lot of us have it, however little of us will ever admit it to ourselves or others around them. Whether you, yourself, are a “Sex Addict” or have found yourself trying to understand what ‘Sex Addiction’ actually is, this book will help you! Sex Addiction is easily comparable to that of hard substances (like cocaine). Yes, that is how severe this addiction actually is. This addiction, is one that hijacks your subconscious mind and directs it towards the attainment of sex! Sex Addiction is pretty much a relationship killer because a “Sex Addict” is typically never satisfied with only their current partner and this causes them to become unfaithful. Sex Addiction leads to depression, stress and even anxiety for the simple fact that, it will eventually destroy your entire life leaving you with little to live for and a lot to stress over. This book not only explains what exactly Sex Addiction is, where it comes from and why, but also provides you with the psychological cures to take your life back and keep it.  Sex Addiction no more!!!  


Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Behaviors associated with this addiction 
    • The signs and symptoms of this addiction 
    • Why and how does this addiction happen/occur 
    • How it affects you and the others around you 
    • Psychological cures 
    • Other treatments and cures 
    • What to do to avoid relapse 
    • And more!

Sex Addiction is far more common than what you think. Take control of your addiction today! 

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