Soldier Of The Brell
By David Scholes

Book Description

Publication Date: November 4, 2012

After the destruction of his race, a lone soldier of the super power empire of the Brell travels into the future in search of revenge. Carrying with him custodianship of all of the residual power and knowledge of the Brell.

In the long journey up through the well of time he witnesses the emergence of new powers for both good and evil. One of them the super power empire of the Tolden. Another the dark powers behind a vast inter-stellar network of subjugated worlds.

After a battle that takes him to both the beginning and end of time, his struggle against the nemesis of his race leads to a final confrontation in a place thought to be only stuff of myth and legend.

* * *
About the Author

David Scholes is a writer and also works as an accounting and economic (and occasionally actuarial) consultant to various Australian government departments. This novella is his sixth science fiction book being preceded by another novella and four collections of short stories.

He lives in Canberra, Australia with his wife Joy and dog Maddy and has a married daughter Kristen and a young grandson James.