Editorial Reviews


I was hooked with the first book; the second book was great, so I had been eagerly awaiting the third book. I was not disappointed with this book. The emotional roller coasters each character endured all seemed realistic. A great trilogy to read. ~ Running Mom

Secrets & Lies was a wonderful story. It kept building momentum as the stories of Kerry's and Hope's lives unfolded. The author described the characters in vivid detail and you felt as though you knew them by the end of the novel. There are also hints as to their lives possibly intersecting in the following sequels which promises to be very interesting considering the cliffhanger of an ending! I feel compelled to read Aftermath to see exactly what lies ahead for these characters... ~ Michele H

Without giving anything away,I understand why there are pending books in this trilogy to follow.I sat down this Sunday afternoon, and was immediately glued to this book. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen.A very enjoyable read...from one Irish lady to another.Thanks Joanne! ~ Coccotoro

Secrets and Lies is another outstanding read from an author who I have recently discovered. The characters were richly developed and interesting and drew me into the story. I stayed up all night just to finish it. I was especially enthralled by the story of Hope's life. She has had so many ups and downs but she's a survivor and I get the feeling she's going to need her survival instincts in the next books. The book is well written with a great story that will get you emotionally. I'm so happy that it's the first book in the trilogy. ~ Martine Bastow

About the Author

Joanne Clancy is a writer of contemporary romance novels from County Cork, Ireland. She is an avid reader, a self-confessed Kindle addict and a tea fiend! 
Joanne is the author of The Unfaithful Series; Unfaithfully Yours, Revenge and Web of Deceit and The Secrets and Lies Trilogy; Secrets and Lies, Aftermath and Redemption. Her stand-alone books include The Wedding Day, Unforgettable Embrace and My Love.
She is currently working on Web of Deceit, the third book in The Unfaithful Series, which will be available in January 2013.
You can purchase Joanne Clancy's paperbacks and ebooks at Amazon.