Book Description

Publication Date: May 6, 2014

Following a catastrophic chemical spill, the dead rises - they’re hungry and demand equal rights. 

“I love these characters, and what a mixed bag of people they are!” 

Twenty-two-year-old Roam Stephens and the prideful citizens of Moone Crest find themselves defending their small mountain town against a mob of the dead. The existing grudges, romances and ambitions of the living ones sow tension as they attempt to unite against a common enemy. As easy as picking a side seems, some are quick to form alliances against their own kind. From polluted coast to coast, the political and brute struggle amongst the cohabited lands of the living and the dead, rages on. For Roam, the battle line blurs after being contaminated and he begins to questioning whether he’s alive or dead. 

“My only complaint was there wasn't more. Pick it up, check it out and don’t drink the water.”