Jack Knifed (A Jack Stratton Novel)
By Christopher Greyson

Book Description

Publication Date: March 23, 2014

“Why do I keep doing this…thinking about her? It was so long ago, but I can’t get what happened out of my head. I shouldn’t let any of that junk define me, but I still do. I’m driving in circles, caught in some loop that I can’t break out of. I want to know why she abandoned me… but some things, I guess, I’ll never know…” 

Jack Knifed is part of the Jack Stratton mystery collection that has 200+ Five-Star reviews with over 100,000 eBooks and paperbacks in distribution. If you are looking for a great story with romance, action and mystery, try Jack Knifed today. 

Handsome Police Officer Jack Stratton is the “hometown hero cop with a heart of gold.” Constant nightmares have forced him to seek answers about his rough childhood, and the dark secrets that lay hidden there. With Replacement by his side, Jack travels to Hope Falls to solve a murder that occurred before he was born. 

Everyone in the small town remembers the unsolved murder of Steven Ritter, but after 27 years, no one thought that someone would look into it – They don’t know Jack. 

A heart-rending mystery-thriller about lost love, betrayal, and murder, Jack Knifed will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a stand-alone novel featuring rogue hero Jack Stratton. Look for other books in the Jack Stratton Collection including “Girl Jacked” and "Jacks are Wild". They can be read in any order. 

Christopher Greyson’s novel weaves a tale full of mystery and action with humor and suspense. His unique stories and no-nonsense style of writing will take you on a page turning rollercoaster ride of emotions right up until the end. Please go to ChristopherGreyson.com and sign-up for periodic updates on new book releases. 

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• “This is the real deal and the Greyson style is exciting and crisp and all the right choices were made in ‘Jack Knifed’...” – Paul Little, Amazon Top 4000 Reviewer 
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• “Superb, wonderful, great characters, great struggles loved the whole book and series, a must read for anywhere…highly recommend...thanks for the writing.” – Amazon Customer 
• “The characters are real and flawed due to their pasts. Each story ends before the next starts, but in the end all is resolved.” – Bubbapog 
• “A good fast paced book… I did not want to put it down and go to work.” – Jan N. 
• “A fun mystery with plenty of action. This story would do well as a TV series…” – Dottie 
• “A well written story line from the very beginning to the very end. It is nice to be engaged in a book which captures interest from start to finish and stays true to good, clean story telling.”– LB&Dee 
• “Enjoyed the story line and action. Good to read something with maturity in the characters. I enjoyed the series please keep more Jack books coming.” – Tina D 
• “I am already waiting and hoping for another in the series!” – Dianne J.