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Publication Date: January 13, 2014

Foundlings: vampires created by accidental means.

In a veiled world, containing shadowy truths and deadly secrets there are those that speak out and shed light on the darkness. These are their stories.   

How did a Catholic priest fall in love with a Cherokee medicine woman?  

Why did a vampire of the Reich take the ultimate risk to gain his freedom?  

How did this generation's greatest vampire hunter first meet his foes, and the evils they inflicted upon him?

How were a set of cruel and malevolent twins chosen to become part of The Reich Bloodline? 

How did a blind medium end up leading a motorcycle gang dedicated to the slaughter of all vampires? 

And perhaps the greatest secret of all, how was the oldest and most powerful of Bloodlines wiped out in a single night?

There are many secrets that are kept. Their very existence is one of them. In the Shrouded Sagas, you will discover many tales that have been kept quite for a long time. As you turn the pages, you will slowly lift the veil of their secrecy. But beware, such information often comes at a price, and Vampires don't forgive easily. Ask any Foundling, if you dare. 

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This is the 5th book in The Foundlings urban paranormal vampire series.

Also Available By R.M. Garcia 
Book One: The Foundlings (FOREVER FREE) 
Book Two: The Vampir Manual of the Reich 
Book Three: The Beasts Within 
Book Four: The Codex of Vampiric Bloodlines 
Book Five: The Shrouded Sagas 

Compendium One: The Lost Librams

The Foundlings, urban paranormal vampire series is suitable as a vampire romance series for teens, age 15 and older. Some passages contain swearing.

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