The Bank of the River
By Michael Richan

Book Description

Publication Date: June 8, 2013

“One of the smartest and most refreshing additions to the horror/suspense/mystery genre!”

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Steven is anticipating a quiet sabbatical at a new home. Recently divorced and with a son in college, he should have plenty of time to himself. Instead, he hears knockings at night - a series of three raps, a pause, and then another three. They arrive every night at the same time. 

Steven is determined to find a rational explanation: kids playing a prank? Pipes banging? When the knockings progress to strange apparitions, Steven begins to believe he must have a brain tumor. There's no other reasonable explanation, is there? 

His father, Roy, recognizes the problems in Steven's home for what they are: a haunting. Roy and Steven aren't close, but Roy's had experience with ghosts before, and tackles this one using skills he's inherited. Roy can enter a place called "the River," where he can see things others cannot. In the River, Roy discovers there are far more sinister forces at work in Steven's home than just ghosts. 

Steven shares Roy's ability, but is skeptical of it. When the apparitions intensify and attack, Steven is forced to learn how to fight back if he wants to save himself and his father. 

The Bank of the River is a fast-paced and suspenseful paranormal novel that confronts evil, ghosts, and the dead -- and explores the supernatural gifts a father and son use to fight them. 

The Bank of the River is the first book in The River series. There are currently seven titles available in the series, and an additional two titles in a spin-off series. 

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“Truly scary.”

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"This was a great horror book. I absolutely loved it, and I know you will too! Keep the lights on when reading!"