Science Fiction Short Stories Books 1 & 2: Twelve Engaging Sci-Fi Tales (One Mind, Different Voices Series)
By Erik R. Van Asch, Anthony Pendleton, Mark Fetterolf, Travis Gruber, Susan Brookshire

Book Description

Publication Date: October 23, 2014

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This collection is rated M, for mature. Some stories contain adult themes or language not appropriate for all ages 

SECRETS: Science Fiction Short Stories Book 1 and Book 2: Secrets & Lost

We've put together a collection of short stories with the common theme of, secrets and another with the theme of, lost. Come enjoy, escape and entertain yourself as you read how very different writing styles tackle these topics in a sci-fi setting. 
The stories in this collection are: 

SUITS by Anthony Pendleton

A man documents what could be his last hours, as he is chased by a force he can’t imagine. Will he discover the truth before it’s too late? 

EVE by Mark Fetterolf

How are machines and mankind intended to co-exist in the future, when the history of machines is kept hidden for a reason? 

THE WATERS by Erik R. Van Asch

Colonist guard a truth from all outsiders. To what lengths will each side do to protect a secret or to reveal it? 

THE GOD FREQUENCY by Mark Fetterolf

Loosely tied to the EVE story in this collection. . . 
A brilliant mind has kept a secret from his family for too long. Now is the time for his family to learn of a technology is already changing the world as they know it. 


Bad people sometimes do bad things to hide a crime. In many cases someone is bound to find out and others are bound to get caught.

PLACE TO CALL HOME by Anthony Pendleton

When we keep secrets from those we care about, things can get go south and fast. 

THE FAME MONSTER by Travis Gruber

What is someone willing to lose in order to fulfill their dreams? 

IMMORTALITY by Mark Fetterolf

This story is tied to the God Frequency story in Book 1 of this series. . . 
Would we remember who we use to be if we lost our humanity and evolved into something new? 

OVER THE RIDGE by Anthony Pendleton

What if you and your loved ones were lost and separated from rescue? How far would you push yourself to find help in time? 

LOST by Susan Brookshire

A piece of history is lost, until some boys in the future discover a time capsule. Are they ready for the truth? 

VESSEL by Travis Gruber

Who do you send to persuade others when the alien invasion starts that there is no hope, the war is already lost? 


When one brother severs all ties to family, it’s another brother’s responsibility to cross the cosmos and bring the long, lost sibling back home again. 

About The Authors 

Mark Fetterolf

is a man of many talents when he isn't getting tricked by his friends to participate in writing projects. 

Anthony Pendleton

designs and publishes board games on the side, when he isn’t facilitating high-level projects in the workplace. He has spent time learning desert survival skills, blacksmithing and renaissance martial arts. 

Erik R. Van Asch

Growing up, he changed from wanting to be a chiropractor to a History teacher. Eventually he landed in a 20+ year career in technical support and management. He enjoys all facets of writing and is often experimenting with different genres of fiction and nonfiction. 

Susan Brookshire

likes to write Young Adult and Middle School fantasy. Her current project is the Cave Crossing series, where the first book can be found here on Amazon. 

Travis Gruber

loves spending his time watching pro-wrestling, reading comics, and performing as a stand up comedian. 

We as authors had a blast writing these stories. Get your copy today!