Book Description

Publication Date: August 12, 2014

Business is affected by many circumstances, but every entrepreneur can affect those which are essential for success. Whether you are planning a business or starting a business, you can gain valuable experience of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts. They have prepared educational ebooks full of real stories and experience accumulated in 30 years of running businesses and consulting services. Discover a unique know-how of: HOW TO GET A COMPANY THROUGH A CRISIS that is one from the series called: Revealed truth about business risks. 
Although the benefits of cutting company costs may seem obvious, there are many entrepreneurs who neglect to do that. The costs directly affect the level of their income and may also pose a great risk to the company. This e-book teaches entrepreneurs that cost management is relatively simple. 
Table of Contents: 
What is a company crisis and how does it manifest? 
Most common signs of a company crisis 
Simple analysis of assets and liabilities 
How to find the cause of the crisis 
Possible resolutions of crisis situations 
How to prepare a strategic crisis response plan 
How to behave during a crisis and implement a crisis response plan 

Concluding advice: 
Doing business should bring joy 

Vladimír John is a successful entrepreneur who founded and sold hundreds of companies. He is a seasoned pundit who has been running businesses for more than thirty years in nearly twenty countries. Within the last twenty years he has been primarily counseling in the segment of small and medium-sized companies. He specializes in business asset protection and risk reduction, consultancy for companies in crisis, restructuring and selling companies. He leads the successful Meriglobe Capital House SE holding located in London. Because he repeatedly faces the same entrepreneur mistakes which often cause them to lose their business, he decided to put his many years of experience to a good use and to start educating entrepreneurs. He is the author of a successful series Revealed truth about business risks.