Book Description

Publication Date: September 24, 2014

From the Amazon # 1 Best Selling Author PRASENJEET KUMAR and the hugely popular website comes a twin-book bundle that YOU JUST SHOULDN’T MISS.

How To Cook In A Jiffy Even if You Have Never Boiled an Egg Before

Never boiled an egg before but want to learn the magic art of cooking? Then don’t leave home without this Survival Cookbook. Be it healthy college cooking, or cooking for a single person or even outdoor cooking---this easiest cookbook on earth teaches you to survive all situations with ease.

˃˃˃ Where this book scores over other “How To” cookbooks is

the structured manner in which it follows a step by step “graduation” process.

˃˃˃ Most uniquely, the book teaches

the concept of “sequencing and parallel processing” in cooking to enable busy people to create a 3-4 course meal in less than 30 minutes.

The book is fun and entertaining to read with the author sharing his own personal story of bumbling about in the wonderlands of cooking, with wit and humour.


˃˃˃ Healthy Cooking In A Jiffy

A Complete No Fad No Diet No Nonsense Handbook for Healthy Cooking And That Too In A Jiffy

˃˃˃ If you have ever wondered how you can be healthy without dieting, following any peculiar fads, eating any esoteric foods, injecting any hormones or downing any pills, potions or supplements, you have come absolutely to the right place.

The book presents a veritable cornucopia of easy recipes to give you an idea of what you can cook to achieve your target of having regularly a balanced diet.

˃˃˃ So if you are sick of dieting, counting calories, or gorging on supplements, do consider investing in this book of simply sensible cooking.