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Facebook Group Promotions for Authors & Publishers

* Advertise your book with ContentMo via our extensive Facebook Reader Groups Network
* We are members of 300+ Facebook Groups that cater to writers & getting reviews~!
* Total members across all groups total 1,500,000 people!
* Choose a plan with us and we'll carefully post to the right groups, at the right times, on the timeline you choose!

ContentMo is a member of 300+ Facebook Groups that cater to writers & getting reviews~!

*|Facebook Group Book Promos|*
          *Facebook Group Book Promos*

Facebook reader Group Promos for Authors & Publishers

Promote Your Book & Yourself to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF READERS!

If you're looking to have your book and yourself as an author get more exposure on Facebook ~ at an affordable price ~ look no further!

We promote your work to Facebook Pages & Groups that cater to authors, novella writers & publishers through our extensive Facebook networking system.

 We use our Facebook social media accounts, Facebook group connections and networking savvy to spread the word about your book!

Protect your privacy and have ContentMo do Facebook advertising for you ~ You DO NOT need a Facebook Page for this promotion.

1-Day Plan $29



• Facebook Posts to Reader Groups to approximately 250,000 Member Readers total

• 2 Blog Posts on ContentMo

Depending on the genre of your book, the target audience (YA, Christian, horror, etc.) and the price of your book during the promotion period, we choose the best-fit groups with the highest group memberships and post your book there.  


Once payment is made, you'll be taken to a form where you'll be asked to submit:

• Website / Social Network URL links

Details for the book or author website you would like to promote.

Clicking an order button and making payment equals agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.


What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups are different from Fan, Business, and Personal Pages.

Facebook Groups provide a space to communicate about shared interests with certain people. You can join or create a group for your book club, family reunion or anything where you want to connect and get updates about specific topics.

Groups allow users to:
Connect and share information with select groups of people.
Use groups as discussion forums and to chat about specific topics.

ContentMo is a member of 300+ Facebook Groups that cater to writers & getting reviews~!