Facebook Promotions for Authors & Publishers

  • Advertise your book with ContentMo via our extensive Facebook Network
  • We are members of 200+ Facebook Groups that cater to writers & getting reviews~!
  • Total members across all groups total 1,500,000 people!
  • Choose a plan with us and we'll carefully post to the right groups, at the right times, on the right days!

🌟 7-Day Package Includes Posts to FACEBOOK BOOK REVIEW GROUPS! 🌟


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          *Facebook Group Book Promos*

Facebook Promos for Authors & Publishers

Promote Your Book & Yourself !

If you're looking to have your book and yourself as an author get more exposure on Facebook ~ at an affordable price ~ look no further!

We promote your work to Facebook Pages & Groups that cater to authors, novella writers & publishers through our extensive Facebook networking system.

 We use our Facebook social media accounts, Facebook group connections and networking savvy to spread the word about your book!

5-Day Package $25




• 2 Blog Posts on ContentMo (1 Author Bio + 1 Book Post)

• Facebook Posts to Reader Groups to approximately 100,000 Member Readers total


7-Day Package $67 (Save 10%)




• 2 Blog Posts on ContentMo (1 Author Bio + 1 Book Post) 

• Facebook Group Posts to approximately 300,000 Group Member Readers total


14-Day Package $140 (Save 20%)




• 2 Blog Posts on ContentMo (1 Author Bio + 1 Book Post)

• Facebook Group Posts to approximately 600,000 Group Members total *

Depending on the genre of your book, the target audience (YA, Christian, horror, etc.) and the price of your book during the promotion period, we choose the best-fit groups with the highest group memberships and post your book there.  

Order the 14-Day Facebook Promotion Package and we'll include posts to Book Review Groups!


Once payment is made, you'll be taken to a form where you'll be asked to submit:

• An Author Bio of 100-400 words

• An Author Picture or Logo (minimum 200x200 pixels)

• Website / Social Network URL links

Details for the book you would like to promote.

Clicking an order button and making payment equals agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.