he gifted daughter of a powerful crime lord; secret agent. An enemy spy. A diabolical plot spanning centuries and distant worlds.

When returning home after being tasked to investigate a potential family connection to an ancient myth, Kainaka is abducted. During her escape, she comes to the aid of rival agent Surat who ran into trouble while on a mission to find the killers behind the assassination of one of his country’s leaders. Circumstances compel them to collaborate. While Kainaka has her own inner demons to contend with, they start assembling the pieces of an intricate puzzle, yet to realise that more than just the fate of their nations rests upon their shoulders.

Storm Brewing is the first book in a genre mashup series that features thrilling action, plot twists and a kick-ass heroine. If you like The X-Men and Jason Bourne, you’ll love this fast-paced series.

Pick up Storm Brewing today to discover this exciting series (previously published as The Dogmatic Prognosis trilogy)