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Keiko, Kenzo and Eji are in the bustling city of Singapore to attend their cousin sister, Kiara's recital on Ancient Sea Trade. Keiko and Kiara discover a hidden note in an ancient urn, leading them on an ancient treasure hunt. Soon they realize evil treasure hunters are out to get them. Find out what happens in this race that takes place under the South China Sea.

The book highlights the attractions of the city of Singapore. Facts on Maritime Silk Road, Singapore Flyer, Ancient Trade and famous shipwrecks in the world have been woven into the story so readers get a true sense of Singapore as they travel with our heroes in a dangerous undersea race for buried treasure.



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Professor Kompressor is an inventor. He is excellent at inventing, but the inventions are not always excellent.

The first book in the series about Professor Kompressor, an ever-so-slightly misguided inventor, contains 12 entertaining episodes from the Professor's inventing career.

When the Professor sets out to improve the world, unexpected things happen. Making your mechanical helper too clever might be an obvious mistake, but who would have known that tinkering with an old Volkswagen Beetle could turn out to be so dangerous?

And who would have thought that a time machine would turn out to be such a waste of… well… time?

Professor Kompressor is a fictional character but his adventures are inspired by ideas from science and the modern world. They show that you can have a lot of fun with science and technology, especially if you allow for a little bit of creative mis-interpretation.

A book that entertains children of all ages from Professor Nils Andersson, award-winning author and an authority on matters of gravity and the extremes of our weird and wonderful Universe.

Reader's comments:

"The best professor ever!"

"A funny book for both young and old..."

"A well told story that will make you laugh."

"The story line makes young ones think, encourages them to believe in themselves and their ideas more, and is good fun too!"

"A great little book that we really enjoyed sharing..."

"Any secret or eccentric inventors in your household will enjoy this cleverly written book."

"Why are clever people so stupid sometimes?"

From the 5 star review by Mamta Madhavan for Reader's Favorite:

... a funny story that revolves around the scientific adventures of Professor Kompressor. The book shows the creative side of science and technology and makes the subject likeable and entertaining for young readers. Children will love Professor Kompressor and his adventures. The book is also educational because it encourages children to be more creative. The themes of Professor Kompressor are light-hearted and clever, and they are appealing not only to children but also to adults. The story encourages children to think independently and be more creative in the classroom and at home.

The book is a perfect read for children. The consequences faced by the Professor in his adventures will put a smile on the faces of readers. The author has used an innovative and amusing way of writing the story. The twelve stories in the book are infectiously delightful and they take readers on an adventurous ride in each tale. All the stories are simple and written with a lot of creativity. The main characters, the Professor, caretaker and Maud, entertain readers to make it a memorable read. The concept is interesting and encouraging to readers and helps in developing a liking for science.

This book is ideal for school and children's libraries. The stories are short and simple, making it perfect for read-aloud sessions in classrooms and libraries. Professor Kompressor will find his way into the hearts of young readers with his delightful adventures.

Professor Kompressor
By Nils Andersson



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Angels Club Box Set - Books 1-3
By Courtney Vail, Sandra J. Howell

All three books in the diverse, award-winning Angels Club Seriesare together for the first time in one bundle of sugary goodness. Jacinda Gonzalez and her diverse group of friends confront challenges, clashing personalities, frisky horses, and bullies as they strive to make their dreams come true and make the world a better place with their own good deeds club. 

Angels Club ~ Jacinda Gonzalez draws insults rather than friends in her new school, but she finds escape from bullies at the therapeutic riding farm where she volunteers. When a malnourished horse shows up as a rescue, she takes it on as a project horse, and the horse’s sweet nature inspires her to make a positive difference in the world. 

Angels Club 2: The Trouble with Boys ~ After discovering an old, buried map, Kat and River, two frenemies in junior high, must learn to get along as they hunt for treasure in Kat’s back yard while dealing with bullies, competing clubs, farm duties, frisky horses, and ferocious beasts that can claw your heart out. 

Angels Club 3: The Fight to Save Mustangs ~ Emily, a girl with cerebral palsy, strives to overcome her disadvantage and make her competitive horse jumping dream come true, despite the haters and doubters around her, while aiming to save some wild mustangs from their plight.

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award ~ Silver Medal for Best Series - Chapter Books



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Richard is a very brave nine-year old boy who loves the wilderness. He wishes to be like his hero Daniel Boone, the famous American explorer. During a camping trip with his whole family, Richard and his little brother Bernard have a much unexpected experience that was exciting and scary at the same time! Getting lost in the forest is thrilling, but frightening as well! Does Richard remember all the things he learned from the life and adventures of Daniel Boone to keep them safe in the forest all by themselves?
There are so many things in the forest that are very beautiful, but also very dangerous. The blueberries sold in grocery stores is not the same as a blue berry found in the forest. Although nights in the forest are lovely to behold with a million stars in the sky, it can be deathly cold without shelter or protection. Does Richard know how to keep safe, especially with his little brother there? Can he take care of both of them? What are the important things to bring to a camping trip to make sure that Richard is ready for all the possibilities that living in the wild can bring?
This story is about courage, responsibility and all the unexpected twists that life can bring – even with a simple thing like a camping trip. It teaches that reading a book or watching a television show is very different from experiencing the real thing. There is also a lesson about being brave to face your fears, even against the greatest of odds. Being smart, resourceful and keeping a level head can mean the difference between being safe and being in danger, especially in an unfamiliar place like a big forest.
Join Richard and Bernard as they explore and experience the fascinating world of the great big wilderness!



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An educational book about good friends, "MY FAVORITES ARE THE HERBIVORES. HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH A PLANT EATING DINOSAUR" is a fantasy story for children about how to make friendships. The main character of the book is a curious boy who is fascinated with dinosaurs who keep him company throughout the day. He dreams of plant-eating dinosaurs that will help him eat meals, keep him company at bedtime and share this discovery with skeptical friends. Presented in easy to read English, the ten page illustrated book presents life lessons for kids with herbivore dinosaurs as mentors. Anyone searching for a children's book for ages 6-9 will find "MY FAVORITES ARE THE HERBIVORES. HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH A PLANT EATING DINOSAUR" educates children to follow guides that will keep them out of trouble. Plant eating dinosaurs help to strengthen friendships and play a crucial part in everyday living. Parents will find useful advice to help make strong children.


Some reviews of the book. Prisrob top 100 reviewer, "(T)he author has written a cute book for children about dinosaurs, the kind that eat vegetables and fruits, not meat. The illustrations depict the adventures of the boy. Upon reading the book, you will learn about many dinosaurs. I like children's books that have a lesson to be learned."

Review by Barbara Ann Mojica, "Dinosaur treats. Short bedtime story about a little boy who loves plant-eating dinosaurs because he fears the carnivores who eat each each other and just might want to eat him! The boy hopes these herbivores become his friends. Every night, after his mom reads a bedtime story about herbivores, he carefully unwraps the vegetable he has hidden in a napkin for them and places them on his windows He even shows his dinosaur friends how to eat them and invites them to his bed."

Author Bob Strauss writes "pretty much every kid in the world goes through a β€œdinosaur phase,” when he or she eats, sleeps and breathes dinosaurs. But he knows, for a fact, that they're no longer around. A Tyrannosaurus Rex, no matter how huge and hungry, is thus rendered completely safe. No one tells a full-grown Stegosaurus that he has to go to bed, finish his peas before he can have dessert, or take care of his baby sister. Dinosaurs represent, in kids' minds, the ultimate: when they want something, they go out and get it, and nothing had better stand in their way. The reason parents don't mind when their kid pretends to be a fierce Allosaurus is that this kind of β€œdisobedience” allows him to harmlessly blow off steam; it's better to deal with a pesky dinosaur than a child having an ugly tantrum." Many parents know this behavior all too well. Get this charming book, "MY FAVORITES ARE THE HERBIVORES. HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH A PLANT EATING DINOSAUR." By Andy Williams now.




Danny is Different
By Tedi Wixom

Danny Is Different is a children's illustrated story for kids of all ages. Vivid art with Spanish and English words on one side make reading easy for grandparents and encourages learning a second language. It teaches values of tenacity, love, and self-worth. Bullying from the community in awkward social situations such as gossip and peer pressure ultimately are resolved as the characters overcome prejudices, at home and in the community. Danny, a little green snake born odd, becomes a champion, and centers around being unique and accepting others who may appear physically different.