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What if your last day at school turned out to be your first day as a rebel warrior?

“If you like action, and science fiction then you’ll appreciate one of the first books EVER that gives you high powered adrenalin with chilling revelations of utter suspense!” 

17-year-old orphan, Adara isn’t like the other girlygigs in Cityplace, she has six fingers on each hand and a secret power she is forbidden to use. Rebellious and headstrong, she is thrilled about leaving school so she can follow her dream to train as an elite soldier of the New World Territories. But as starving renegades and religious fanatics storm the last safe haven in NotSoGreatBritAlbion, her plans are cut brutally short.

Fear spreads amongst the inhabitants when the all-controlling Agros, who have cut food supplies and are stealing ‘special’ children, send in troops to wreak havoc. With the population weakened and scared, Adara and her Santy Breanna must fight to save their home and family from a savage and terrifying enemy.

But when her brother Deogol, is abducted, Adara is forced to leave her hygiene home and venture into a hostile and savage realm to save him from a sinister fate.

“Think 'Lord of the Flies' meets the wild children in 'Beyond Thunderdome”

If you enjoy reading books that are different, have a strong storyline with offbeat characters, and quirky language, then you will love Whisper Gatherers. It is a great addition to the dystopian/Sci-fi tradition of authors such as, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, Bella Forest, Patrick Ness, Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia E. Butler. 

Download your copy of the first book in the thrilling sci-fi action adventure series now!



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Staring into glowing cat-eyes, while her attackers lay like broken dolls in the snow around her, shouldn't have been a turn-on. But it was. She shouldn't consider the man who killed to save her from her rapists a hero. But she does. She shouldn't feel as if she belongs to that hero, mind body and soul, but there's no way she can deny it. And the hardest part for Alyssa Aimes to get her head around, besides his extraordinary eyes: the knowledge that she'll never see him again.

But four years later, Colton Blake does come back into her life, just as dramatically as he left it. And this time she's determined to keep him there, even if she has to risk her recording contract and her life to do it.

For Colt, much has changed in four years. No longer a homeless drifter with a dangerous secret, he has found his place among the Scorpio Sons, an elite band of genetically engineered cloned warriors charged with bringing to justice a secret cabal that has been exploiting the world for millennia. But one thing that hasn't changed during that time: his obsession with Alyssa, the stranger he met just once and can't seem to forget. But now his mission has brought Alyssa back into his life. And with her comes a secret she doesn't even realize she harbors; a secret that could bring not only Colt to his knees, but the whole band of the Scorpio Sons along with him.



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Limited Time Special Launch price (80% off) - 3 books for only 0.99$! Returns to full price soon.

I am Fury. Evil has followed me to Earth. I shall Protect this World until my Dying Breath.

When the Obsidian Empire obliterates the Star Alliance with the help of the Zarlacks, an old evil race long thought extinct, the universe is set ablaze. The last survivors are forced to make a blind jump beyond the outer reach of the charted universe, to a world teeming with life: Earth. The fleet's arrival inadvertently alerts their enemies to the presence of sentient life in that part of space, resulting in a swift and devastating invasion of the blue marble.

Under the guidance of the Olympian goddess of Love, Aphroditis, Lieutenant Chase Athanatos learns of his origins and must race against time in a daring attempt to save Earth, their Last Sanctuary.

With Earth now thrown at the center of the conflict, the newly formed Earth Alliance struggles to keep the enemy at bay. Desperately outnumbered, Chase and his friends must wage one battle after another while seeking new allies to survive.

When it becomes clear that his Fury powers are awakening, Chase must face his inner demons and learn to control them or he could very well destroy the universe he has sworn to protect. Can his Fury heritage and unwavering determination hold the key to change the course of everyone's destiny?

The Trilogy edition contains the first 3 books of the Universe in Flames saga: Earth - Last Sanctuary, Fury to the Stars and Destination Oblivion in one eBook. This version contains the latest edits and proofreads from the series with a new cover

As a matter of principle, my books are DRM Free.



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Would you like to be able to design and live a passion filed life?


You can, using the power of convergence!


When you converge the power of your mind, body and spirit, you can get twice as much done with half the effort. Using processes and ideas from ancient martial arts philosophy and modern social science, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Life: The Convergence of Mind, Body and Spirit, will show you the secrets you need to instantly snap into a highly passionate and productive state, anytime and anyplace.


In this book you’ll discover:


•How to find your source, why you want to achieve every one of your outcomes. Knowing your why can double or even triple your productivity. 
•What’s driving your automatic behaviors. This understanding will allow you drop disempowering behaviors and enlist only the behaviors that empower you.
•How you can develop a deep, unshakable belief in you and your abilities.
•Methods black belts use to put their body into a calm, powerful, and relaxed state, no matter the situation. Putting yourself in this state will give you the ability to stay cool and in the moment, ultimately resulting in you being able to achieve your objectives, without jeopardizing your relationships.


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Life: The Convergence of Mind, Body and Spirit, will give you methods and processes that will give you the focus and energy you need to get the most out of every moment of every day and live a passion filled life.



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From an EPIC Fantasy Award-winning author: Sometimes vampire is the only career choice available. When it comes without training or instructions, that sucks.

Review for Vampire Career by S. T. Hailstock :
“Read it. If you’re a fan of vampire books, or if you’re not a fan, or if you’re up to your eyes in vampire stories, this one is worth the time.”



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ Gaviota: The Nude Beach Murders

A popular ER doctor is found impaled on a SCUBA spear. A motorhome blows up, killing four Gaviota Nude Beach regulars. Clothing-optional beachgoers are beginning to feel they have a target painted on their bare backs. Who is the killer and what is his motive?
When police don’t seem all that interested, physical therapist Jake Ross and horse trainer Nikki Desjardin decide to look for answers.



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Bad Boy Ballers series finale! Includes an epic novella length epilogue for Rafe and Peyton, Brooklyn and Delaney, and Calder and Reggie!

The dark horse of the NFL. A superstar showgirl on the Vegas strip. Their desire is taboo in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

Calder Malone. Black sheep. Bad boy. Kicked off the Reno Ravens and almost suspended from the NFL. The sexy center remains a fan favorite now that he’s playing for Carolina Crush. And what Calder wants more than anything is to prove his worth to the team that’s his last chance, the family he disgraced, and the one woman he fell in love with years ago.

Unfortunately the comeback kid isn’t a boy anymore, and the babe he wants was never his for the taking—for reasons that make him question his sanity.

Reggie isn’t just a Vegas showgirl, a pretty face. She’s an Air Force widow, a strong woman who’s piecing her life back together . . . And maybe the man she always thought was out of her league and completely off-limits just became fair game.

Off the field and offstage, what happens when Calder and Reggie don’t stay in Vegas?

Series complete:
Million Baller Baby
Free Baller
Baller Made



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ Deadly Fun: (Woman Sleuth vs: Mafia @pmraven

DEADLY FUN - The perfect sleuth is a chameleon, every man's perfect dream.

Exotic luxury cruises to the Bahamas are supposed to be fun and exciting. This trip is just a routine investigative job for a woman who works in disguise and undercover, using her beauty to entice men to reveal their secrets. The exciting and sometime harrowing is expected, but this job will be like no other. 

Her boss is aboard, as is a mafia enforcer with murderous ties to her own family. She chases suspects through the tropical islands, gets in physical confrontations with knife, fist and firearms. By the end of the cruise, the deck is awash in blood. Can she survive a deadly fun cruise--and her boss, who may prove more deadly than the mobsters?



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ Academic Betrayal: The Bullying of a Graduate Student @LorenMayshark

“Well written, Academic Betrayal is a cautionary tale shedding light on the darker side of higher education, the hubris of some educators, and the ‘big business’ focus of universities that have little regard for their most important constituent: the student.” - Patricia Pihl, founder and personal historian at Real Life Legacies

Experience the Dark Corners of Higher Education in the U.S. from a Student's Perspective

Fueled by a desire to become a teacher, Loren Mayshark entered Hunter College in 2008, with the intention of gaining a master’s degree in two years. Six years and tens of thousands of dollars later, he abandoned his studies without attaining the degree. This is the tale of one young man’s journey through the labyrinth of American higher education, stymied by haughty professors, an inept administration, and ridiculous policies. In the process, he nearly lost his desire for academic learning and his reverence for the educational system, and came close to losing his will to live.

As Loren Mayshark discovered, his experience was not unique. Across the United States, graduate students are increasingly finding themselves caught in a vortex of burgeoning loans, byzantine policies, and administrative lassitude. The casualties, as this book makes clear, are the next generation of American minds.



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ Sin Eater @The_GrayTower

Aria Knight has an unusual set of skills: she will hold back the hounds of Hell so that you can fly toward the Pearly Gates, and she will wipe your slate clean so you don't become karma's bitch...for a price.

A sin eater has to make a living in today's world somehow.

But when she's called in the dead of night to perform her rite for a recluse billionaire, she stumbles upon a murder scene, and the evidence points to her.

In an attempt to clear her name and uncover the true culprit, Aria is forced to team up with a private investigator who's possessed by three spirits and a handsome wizard who would rather see all sin eaters like Aria go extinct.

Aria knows her job is never easy, but now, it's become downright deadly.

SIN EATER is the first book of the Aria Knight Chronicles by USA Today bestselling author Samantha LaFantasie and Alesha Escobar, author of the bestselling Gray Tower Trilogy.

Sin Eater (The Aria Knight Chronicles Book 1)
By Alesha Escobar, Samantha LaFantasie



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Both men tried to shoot her then, and the two women were stunned at the speed with which she moved. Penny charged straight at the gunmen then dove under their fire. Spinning on her back she kicked the legs from under one man, and as he fell, she kicked the gun from the other man’s hand. Spinning back to the first man she saw the gun barrel moving toward her, and she lashed out with her foot. Her boot crushed his skull and she rolled to her feet to grab the last man in a neck lock. A quick twist and he lay lifeless in her arms.

She let him fall, as, breathing deeply, she came down off combat mode. “Are you ladies all right?” she asked as she untied the ropes that held the older woman. 
“Who are you?” asked the old woman fearfully, as she pulled the tape from her mouth.

“They call me Lady Blue,” smiled Penny as she helped the woman to stand.
“What are you?” It was the younger woman who spoke.
“Cold, hungry, dead tired, and covered in blue war paint,” giggled Penny as she released the older woman’s arm. She turned and began to search the bodies.

Lady Blue
By Prudence MacLeod



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ BONE BABY @thebookfolks

Buried secrets, hidden regrets and crime uncovered.

For many years, Lily and her partner had kept a terrible secret. When her partner dies, this secret becomes her burden alone. Soon it becomes an obsession.

Having worked alongside her more flamboyant partner in the publishing industry in London, the more sensitive Lily was used to playing second fiddle in their enigmatic social set. But their nice life hid a dark secret, one that she does not want to carry to her grave.

Many years ago, Lily and her partner covered up a crime. They took something precious that didn’t belong to them and lost it. Lily has had to live with the consequences of her actions until she is given the chance to repair the damage she has done.

This leads Lily down a dangerous path into the past. Disorientated, paranoid and scared, she uncovers a far graver crime. What she contemplates next is unthinkable.

BONE BABY is set in the present-day cities of Bath and Portsmouth in southern England. BONE BABY is the eleventh novel by Diane Dickson to be published by THE BOOK FOLKS. Diane has a distinctive style and her thrillers and mysteries explore the lives of ordinary people facing difficult situations. Look out for her bestselling LEAVING GEORGE and the recently-published TANGLED TRUTH.



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ Death Comes in Pairs @vickiebrit

Jack Liege was acquitted of murder in the deaths of two sheepherders, but that hasn’t stopped the people of Douglas, Wyoming, from treating him as if he’s guilty. And so Jack hits the road, hungry for peace and a fresh start in the small town of Ellis Crossing. But a quiet life isn’t in the cards: shortly after his arrival, he breaks up a gunfight between sheepherder Andrew McGarwin and cattleman Tobe Kranston. In return for saving his life, Kranston offers Jack a job on his sprawling ranch…assuming he can stay alive long enough to claim it.

Because here in Ellis Crossing, a war is raging, a cutthroat battle for dominance in a rapidly changing world. And when McGarwin invites Jack to join him for a fateful poker game, the outsider finds himself trapped in a violent conflict that threatens the lives of everyone he has come to know—and the woman he’s grown to love.

Death Comes in Pairs
By Loretta Jackson, Vickie Britton



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**The three novellas of the New Adult paranormal romance Touch Me, now available in one novel-length collection!**

Demons are real.
And now I’m one of them.

I never expected my boring, regular life to change on a night out with my best friend. I only thought I was going to celebrate her birthday at a local club, not end up in a hospital after witnessing supernatural events that couldn’t possibly be real.

Talk about being wrong.

Now I've drawn the attention of the most dangerous forces in the demon world. I’m being stalked by a guy who can be in multiple places at once. I’m overwhelmed by a hunger I can’t shake—an impossible hunger that compels me to feed off the sexual energy of others, even if it might make me kill somebody. I’m losing control and entering a secret world that exists in the shadows of my own—a world filled with vampires, werewolves, and demons who look just like anyone else.

The night was supposed to be simple. Normal. After all, I thought I was human and my life thus far has been unbelievably ordinary.

Now it’s anything but.



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ Heir To A Prophecy @authorRochelle

Heir to a Prophecy
By Mercedes Rochelle

Shakespeare's Witches tell Banquo, "Thou Shalt 'Get Kings Though Thou Be None". Though Banquo is murdered, his son Fleance gets away. What happened to Fleance? What Kings? As Shakespeare's audience apparently knew, Banquo was the ancestor of the royal Stewart line. But the road to kingship had a most inauspicious beginning, and we follow Fleance into exile and death, bestowing the Witches' prophecy on his illegitimate son Walter. Born in Wales and raised in disgrace, Walter's efforts to understand Banquo's murder and honor his lineage take him on a long and treacherous journey through England and France before facing his destiny in Scotland.



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ Make Me A Match @bluecollarbobby

Chick Lit Romance--With A Touch Of Mystery
Eric Stewart can't believe his sisters would stoop so low.
He's sexy, dangerous and fancy free. He's about to turn forty, and his three sisters think it's high time he found a good woman and settled down.
Eric can't believe his meddling sisters have signed him up with the city's hottest matchmaking agency. The only way to get them a refund is to get himself rejected by every single applicant. 

Tessa McBride is working for the matchmaker, and she and Eric have a history. He humiliated her when she was a shy, trusting girl. Well, she's not anymore. She vows to prove to Eric that she's more than a match for his schemes--and show him what he's been missing all these years. But there's more to this matchmaking business than Tessa every suspected.

CAN AN IMPERFECT PAIR RESULT IN A PERFECT MATCH--and maybe solve an intriguing mystery while they're at it?

Author Interview:
Why did you write this particular book?
I was single, and writing is a solitary job. I hired a matchmaker, and instead of a match I got a book! I did get plenty of applicants, but I realized I was more interested in writing than I was in prospects of marriage.

Who's your favorite character in this one?
That would be the hero, Eric. He's just so--male. There's not a subtle bone in his body, which makes him likeable. And he doesn't have a clue what he really wants or needs. You just gotta love him!

Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Stand By Your Man
Hope you enjoy!!



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Kindling (Kindling Trilogy Book 1)
By Skye Malone, Megan Joel Peterson

Previously published as The Children and the Blood (The Children and the Blood #1)

Never leave the farm. Never talk about the past. Never bring up the night your mother died or the years you can’t recall.

Remember only that you’re safe.

On her farm in rural Montana, Ashley believes she has a normal life. Sure, her father is gone a lot on business and her childhood is a mystery. But life is good.

Until one night changes everything.

Masked men with inhuman abilities attack her home, burning everything and killing all in their path. A strange boy named Cole comes out of nowhere on a frantic mission to save her life. She’s thrust into a world she never knew existed—a world of dangerous secrets, gun-wielding saviors, and magically adept villains who look just like everyone else.

But the threat doesn’t end there. The men who burned her home are hunting her for a dark and deadly reason, one that goes deep into the past she’s never been able to remember. One that means they will stop at nothing to find her.

One that means Ashley is far more than she appears. 

~ Book One of the Kindling Trilogy ~
#1 – Kindling
#2 – Ignite
#3 – Wildfire



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ The Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles

Cursed Antiques, Secret Societies, and a Scatter Brained Ghost

When Cecilia Parish is summoned to her hometown of Destiny Point to aid her sick uncle and his antique curiosity shop, she has no idea that her life is about to change in magical and dangerous ways. An antique and curiosity shop is a mystical place. The items held within have their own story, sometimes centuries old. But there are other more sinister curiosities held within certain antique shops throughout the world. These antiquities are cursed and can cause ill effects to the owner and even death. Cecilia's uncle is one such collector who searches for cursed antiques to hide them away from unsuspecting souls and those who want to use their power for nefarious reasons.

Join Cecilia and her companions as they delve into the unknown and discover mysteries within mysteries in this first book in the Curiosity Shop Cozy Mysteries Series.



BLOG POST ➣ Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out ➣ The Merlon Murders @vbenchley

The Merlon Murders I (part one of a two part mystery):

When hot shot investigator and math genius Duncan Dewar decides to head a life insurance inquiry, he has no idea what he's soon to encounter. Hoping to learn more about his ancestry, Duncan is drawn to the village of Taye, Scotland, where his past and future are about to collide, altering the trajectory of his life forever. Was the laird of Castle Taye accidently crushed by a merlon from his own battlement, or are more sinister forces at work? Is the alluring widow and beneficiary of eleven million pounds to blame, or innocent? Is a ghost seeking vengeance against members of Clan MacNab for the slaughter of her loved one hundreds of years ago? Will Duncan be the next victim of the merlon murders? Follow Duncan on a culinary tour of breathtaking Scotland as he navigates through relationships with the villagers of Taye in his quest for answers. The Merlon Murders I is part one of a two part mystery.

Books by Victoria Benchley include:
The Snail Man at
The Merlon Murders I
The Merlon Murders II
The Crime at the Bakery (A short story) - Coming Soon

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