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Kathayr wanted answers to her lost memories. Instead of answers she found herself magically bound to the very man her nightmares warned her against.

In a dark world torn apart by war, Fayodale rebuilt itself into a feudalistic society full of religious and political corruption.
Public executions are performed as entertainment and families pay tribute for a goddess to provide them with children birthed through a mysterious pool.
So when the wife of a prominent politician becomes pregnant, the kingdom is thrown into chaos. Using his powers and influence, the Duke will stop at nothing to take the throne and Kathayr must decide whether to accept her fate or attempt to flee as her world crashes down around her.

Monsoon Reign is a dark, romantic fantasy that contains violence, language and some sexual content.



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For fans of The Walking Dead, The 5th Wave series, and 28 Days Later, Scattered Screams is a diverse take on post-apocalyptic thrillers… 

Their cross-country college visit was supposed to be a bonding experience between Marcus and son, Ali.

Then, the Disruption triggered.

Marcus, Ali, and Vic (Ali’s best friend) would have never imagined the sunny summer afternoon on campus would turn into the fight for their lives.

Now the world is split into two parts: before and after the Disruption.

The new world is akin to a war zone. But a war zone with no clear sides. Allies and foes might be one in the same as everyone attempts to survive.

Marcus’s quest to return home to New York City with Ali and Vic before the new disrupted world chips away at their humanity. They attempt to make it across 3,000 miles of terrain that is covered with mutants, enemies and otherworldly threats.

Lines of communication are disabled. The home they strive to return to may not exist anymore.

In a world surrounded by danger and violence, the only constant are the Scattered Screams.



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When the two young women from completely different worlds forge a friendship, they don’t realize what tragic events will alter their bond.

Instead of going backpacking in Europe for the summer, pregnant eighteen-year-old Chloe Parrish ends up in Fields Corner. Her parents send her there to work in her aunt’s restaurant. Chloe’s parents and her boyfriend Logan want her to consider adoption.

Amish and happily married, Beth Byler is pregnant with her first baby. When she sees how sad Chloe seems at the doctor’s office, Beth asks if everything is okay. Although they come from different backgrounds, their pregnancies give them something to share and they become friends.

During their prenatal visits, Chloe and Beth meet a new obstetrician, Dr. Tony Cunningham. He becomes interested in the lovely Chloe. Tony and Chloe find themselves at crossroads in their lives—she’s torn about what to do about her baby, and Tony isn’t sure he wants to do Amish home births.

After a baby is kidnapped, anger explodes between Beth and Chloe.

Can both women recover from a heartbreaking situation, and trust God still knows what is best



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Prelude (An Alec Winters Series)
By Chariss K. Walker

Meet Alec Winters when he’s sixteen years old. Find out how he met Sabrina. Get the scoop on all his friends before the fateful night of his transformation to angel-demon in this supernatural thriller. Then, follow Alec on the gritty streets of New Orleans as he punishes the wicked in Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1).



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Every page of this paranormal romance is stuffed with hot sexy alphas desperate to win a BBW as their mate. Fighting Bear is a steamy must read for fans of werebear shifter romance books.

Shelby Roberts has everything she could ever have wanted. When she's not hard at work running her flourishing business, she's busy planning her wedding to Caleb. Life really is perfect.

But when she dreams of a mysterious stranger, things becomes complicated. When the stranger walks out of her dream and into her store, her world is turned upside down.

Who is Aaron? What does he want from her? And how far will he go to fight for his love?

With the future of the clan at stake, when two alpha bears clash over one woman, who will emerge victorious?

Fighting Bear by Amber Belmont is the fourth in the Love Laid Bear BBW paranormal shape shifter romance series. A loose sequel to Running Bear (available FREE on Amazon!), this novella series is completely standalone, although you may prefer to read them in order for maximum effect.

Download your copy of Fighting Bear now - FREE with Kindle Unlimited!



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" The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."- quote by Alvin Toffler
What clearly he meant is that we need to learn and unlearn as we continue to stay updated with what that works and those that no longer works

Much has changed since the baby boomers days ,including the path of staying ahead in today's digital age. 
To succeed from now , one must learn to accept the constant change to adaptation – continually unlearning old ‘rules’ and relearning new ones. 
That requires continually questioning assumptions about how things has changed , un-valid old paradigms, and ‘relearning’ what is now relevant to pursue in acquiring your wealth.
This book is filled with excellent ideas and concepts of daily struggle to understand money science.
There is a lot here in this book that can help an individual move toward financial freedom through understanding money and the mindset required to become wealthy, of which means you need to know what it is that separates the wealthy from the Not-so wealthy. 

What you need to know and identify with is what principles and what behavior the rich have , and that you need to relearn .

Some of which , You have not taken action to Unlearn yet ,to stay Current and Get Ahead

" Happiness that Money brings cannot last " ,
With Money ,People cannot necessarily materialize everything , However without money many things cannot be done

Accumulation of wealth with the pleasure to have comfort , luxuries , reputable status , financial influence, freedom and popularity are what money usually can help to achieve , its provides a centralized role in our lives , at a general necessity stage level as it helps to clothe and feed us ,to put a nice accommodation for stay and pay the bills.

Money may not be everything, they may not even guarantee a happy life, but they are a pretty good basis to learn how to build happiness on ... for now

I highly recommend this book to anyone who'd like to ignore the fluff available on the Internet and take action now.
Now that being said, this book assumes you know about the basics like Cash Flow, budgeting, etc.
It doesn't talk about investment mediums like stock market, bond, etc.
And the best part is that unlike many books, this book tells you not to lead a frugal life



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Foreword Reviews 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist
2016 New York Book Festival - Runner Up

"Klingler presents his craftiest yarn to date, summoning the pulpy spirits of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. The setting of Chicago rattles from the page in lines such as, 'The buildings held noise and exhaust fumes around me like a torture chamber.'" --Kirkus Reviews (Kirkus Recommended List)

Tommy has boomeranged back to his parents residence and a dead-end job after too many years in college. As he looks squarely at his next decade of life, his smartphone convinces him the time is ripe for a change. A gift from his grandfather provides the means, so he embarks on the path of blues artists and beatniks before him--and hits the road. 

He immediately meets a damsel in hitchhiking distress who says her name is Mona. Her presence persuades him that the bright lights and dark clubs of Chicago might be his kind of town. So on a summer Saturday night they settle into a fancy hotel overlooking the beaches of Lake Michigan.

On Sunday...Mona disappears.

But she leaves behind more than a sweet memory that involves Tommy in a brand new cash flow problem he never imagined. While trying to sort out how to stay on the right side of the law and get back on the road, he meets a young criminologist who helps him, a DJ who doesn't, and a librarian who teaches him about the city, women, and the art of the makeover. After truth and lies are stirred like a blue martini, being assaulted by a pink monkey, and witnessing a drive-by shooting that drowns a Ferrari--Tommy is desperate to help Mona.

If he can find her.

"A private investigator, a mysterious hitchhiker, dancers, gangsters, a mysterious bag that holds the unthinkable and twists and turns that will have the reader unable to put it down, Missing Mona by Joe Klingler has it all."--San Francisco Book Review (5 of 5 stars)



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"From midnight to sunrise, you're mine in a different manner. During the day, we're two people connected by horrific events."

A dangerous game of seduction...

She could be the devil disguised as an angel. But to get the answers to solving two very important and personal cold cases, FBI agent Nick Campion is willing to sleep with the enemy. Yeah, call the situation like it is--improper, blurring the lines . . . inching closer toward a supernatural world he's not prepared for. No worries though. He's already given up his career to tail the woman he despises, a woman as cold as the month she was named after. There's nothing more for him to lose, except for his heart and soul.

A destiny they can't deny...

Determined to save her kind from the brink of extinction, demon hunter December Raine agrees to get real personal with the human ex-special agent who could be the answer to unlocking her ability to grant supernatural powers to her kind's descendants. Unable to control her feelings when around him, she shows him the supernatural side of her, further putting his life in danger from her kind. When she offers an unconventional and far-out permanent arrangement that can save his life, will he accept or reject her? She has everything to lose, including her heart and soul.



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Labor Pains
By C.A. Huggins

Attaining the American Dream One Lie at a Time.

Kevin Taylor is a woefully mediocre man who finds himself at a crossroads in his mid-30's. Everyday his alarm clock wakes him up for the cold realization that he has to go to a job that he downright loathes. His cubicle is his own private cell for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

All of his efforts to get a promotion or get another job over the past 10 years have been thwarted by his indifference towards hard work and overall incompetence. 

He feels destined to be stuck in the glut of the lower middle-class, living from check to check, never having the ability to do the things he wants to do, and going to a passionless job he hates in order to maintain his mediocre fate until he decides to eliminate his competition using a strategy of office terrorism leads him into a string of hysterical occurrences as he quests to get what he thinks he rightfully deserves.

Labor Pains is a wry and absurdly comical look at the modern employee caught in the endless cycle of consumerism where it is impossible to differentiate your wants versus your needs.

Editorial Reviews


"Work and the working place environment is a slippery subject matter. C.A. Huggins' humorist approach to this rarely discussed topic is an original and appropriate way to deal with it. It's probably impossible for people to find a job that they would be passionate about all the time. There are many people who aren't happy about their jobs. People, who like Kevin, work out of fear, live from paycheck to paycheck and can actually relate to his situation. ...This dark comedy with some criminal action thrown in brings a lot of difficult issues up to the surface." - Portland Book Review

"While Labor Pains is irreverently funny, it also contains pearls of insight about the dichotomy of work. It's a glorious celebration of half-ass-ism and mediocrity, terrific for readers who recognize the ridiculousness of the struggle to get ahead and appreciate the irony of having to work harder to buy more things that one has to work harder to maintain." - San Francisco Book Review

"This book is chock-full of 'that's so wrong' kind of humor, the kind you'll want to read aloud to your spouse and get them to laugh with you."- Portland Book Review



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"Couldn't put it down"; "Excellent read"; "10 out of 10 stars!"

Meeting Aphra Behn is Billie's wish come true -- and now she's trapped in the 17th century!

Billie Armstrong has long wanted to give Aphra Behn, the first professional woman writer in English, the prominence she deserves. But when Billie accidentally activates the magical properties of a baroque mirror, propelling herself into the seventeenth century, she gets more than she bargained for. What develops is an unwilling masquerade, a tale of license, love and literature, as Billie does her best to survive in a strange era and ensure Aphra’s literary survival in the future.

What readers are saying:

"There is nothing better than when a time travel story is paired with real characters from the past and an excellent writer." Review by LA Howell

"Ruth Nestvold colors these pages with some of the more irresistible word painting now being written. The manner in which she weaves this terrific tale will hold the readers' attention from page one. She entertains, pokes our imagination, challenges our intellect, and in all - provides a first class novel." Review by Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon reviewer.



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It will change the way you think about selling. You don’t need fancy persuasion tactics, a perfect sales pitch or be the best salesman in the world.

You need to know the eternal sales techniques that will always work to get more and better clients.

If you sell, or want to sell, this sales book is for you, easy to read, powerful, and especially entertaining. Anyone in sales will find inspiration and motivation in this unique Literary Experience that provides the keys to excellent sales results. Full of principles, ideas, a lot of humor and surprising concepts.

A trip to the past to discover the future. When the fiction meets the art of selling the result is an original, entertaining and effective sales book. Discover the Tiger's value, the secrets of the old Book and the Samurai’s mission.

Readers opinion (from the original edition, 4.8 stars):
“A must read. The way of telling the sales tips is very original.”
“Very interesting for both salespeople and any kind of reader.”
“There is a lot of experience behind the advices.”

A sales book addressed to:

  • For beginners in sales: If you are new in sales or have small experience, this book is the first one to read. It will help you see the clear picture, to discover the real concept and basics of sales and the authentic way to sell more and better. The why's and the how's of the art of selling. Learn the main principles prior to developing any bad habits. No any trick techniques can replace the focused understanding of the sales fundamental and the eternal sales techniques.
  • For anyone looking to increase their sales knowledge: if you are interested in sales, it will give you a better understanding of the main elements. If sometimes you sell and sometimes don’t, and you never know why, regardless of what you're selling, this book will help you sell more and better.
  • Recommended even to experienced salesmen: especially to those who have taken vices along the years and need a refresher or reinforce their skills. If you seek for that extra edge to excel in your career, it will help you to review your approach to sales.
  • Recommended for sales training and sales coaching: a much better way to explain the concepts to your sales team; it will save you time and effort, providing a most enjoyable way to build the solid base and reference for your sales training.

Not addressed to:

  • Not for the Master sellers (they are already aware of all the concepts of this book)
  • This is not step-by-step instructions. If you are looking for simple tricks for closing sales, this is not your book.
  • Not for you if you think you have zombie-like clients.

You can study tricks forever, but new situations always arise for which there is no script, unless you know the time and field-tested selling techniques that have always worked: selling is an old knowledge that today we have complicated a bit more, with new technologies, internet, neuromarketing and a thousand other things. This sales book teaches you the sales formula to sell beyond all that.

Learn in a short time what it takes years to discover about the art of selling. You don’t know why you’re not able to sell more? How to get more and better clients? This book answers your questions. We start telling a mysterious story of old secrets and finally we will unveil the valuable sales formula to get customer loyalty.

Differentiate now from your competitors. Please scroll back up and click buy to get results today! Discover the Eternal Sales Techniques...



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*PRICE WILL INCREASE TO $3.99 ON 5/22/2017

Anyone who maintains a full time job while running a side business knows success or failure comes from one thing...ACTION. Whether your goal is to supplement your income, beef up your retirement nest egg, or escape your 9-to-5 altogether, you know CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE is what pays off.

But how do you resist the urge—the NEED—to "veg out" on the couch? How can you consistently trade the little playtime you have left for more work without burning out from exhaustion?

In this step-by-step guide, Julius Campbell takes you on a journey—a safari inward where you will discover you Inner Beast. With action-oriented exercises, he shows you how to access an instinctual drive that PULLS you toward your goals rather than pushing you to burnout. Drawing from his own experience as a full time software engineer and part time entrepreneur, he shares the same techniques that motivated him write this book on the side while also becoming a full time dad and a newlywed.

In this guide, you will be shown how to:

* Find a work style that feels right for you.
* Begin to live a life that is more authentically you, all while moving closer to achieving your goals.
* Get rid of feelings of "I am not enough," or "I need to change" and replace them with feelings of worthiness.
* Know exactly what steps to take to get past limiting beliefs and feelings.
* Regain your drive to achieve at the highest possible level.

So don't wait...dive in and discover the Beast you were meant to be.



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Twelve men went missing.

Six months later they awake from drug-induced stupors to find themselves locked in a lab.

And on the night of a new moon, eleven of those men, possessed by new--and inhuman--powers, break out of their prison and race through the streets of Los Angeles until they disappear one by one into the night.

Olento Research wants its experiments back. Its CEO, Mika Lenna, will tear every city apart until he has his werewolves imprisoned once again. He didn't undertake a huge risk just to lose his would-be assassins.

However, the Lucidite Institute's main mission is to save the world from injustices. Their best agent, Adelaide Lewis, needs to find these mutated men and protect them and society, and fast. Already around the nation, wolflike men have been spotted. Attacks on innocent women are happening. 

Books by this Author:

Olento Research Series:
Alpha Wolf, Book 1
Lone Wolf, Book 2 (June 2017) 
Rabid Wolf, Book 3 (July 2017)
Bad Wolf, Book 4 (August 2017) 

The Reverians Series:
Defects, Book 1
Rebels, Book 2
Warriors, Book 3

The Lucidites Series:
, Book 1
Stunned, Book 2
Revived, Book 3
Vagabond Circus Series:
, Book 1
Paralyzed, Book 2
Released, Book 3

Ren Series:
Ren: The Man Behind the Monster, Book1
Ren: God's Little Monster, Book2
Ren: The Monster Inside the Monster, Book3
Ren: The Monster's Adventure, Book3.5
Ren: The Monster's Death
, Book4



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My Life As I Knew It
By Peri June

Even the people closest to you can be monsters.

It happened like this: Screaming...A knife...Blood.

Maggie Martin is plagued by nightmares.
This hasn't always been the case. She used to be your typical 17-year-old, worrying about boyfriends and college applications.
Until, one night, when she wakes up to the sound of screaming and witnesses the unthinkable. Now she's scrambling to put the pieces of her life back together, which is not as easy as everyone would like her to believe.
Especially when she's struggling just to BREATHE.

Sam is intrigued by the quiet, new girl from the moment he lays eyes on her. Out of sheer boredom, he decides to include her in his circle of friends, then he's surprised by how much he starts to care about her.
Sam doesn't understand why Maggie won't let him get close to her...until he stumbles across her secret.

The question remains, who can she trust in a sea of strangers?




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Stand Alone Book 2 in the Always series. +18 due to mature content.

Kimmie excelled at a career she loved, but her personal life was one long train wreck after another. Beautiful and vibrant, she never had trouble finding men who wanted her, at least for a night. Finding one who loved her was something else entirely.
She knew love existed. She’s seen it in the eyes of her parents and knew her sister and brother-in-law had found it. Then after one horrendous night, belief in love became too painful.
Convinced people like her don’t get “happily ever after’s" she swore off men and gave up her dream of having a family of her own. Then she met a man who showed her what it was to truly



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By Ashlyn Mathews

My heart matters. I don't want a broken heart. The whole of me is already broken.

After losing pieces of my memory in a brutal assault, I know better than to get involved with the new guy in the building. Brooks Hunter is dangerously sexy with his piercing gaze and ripped body beneath his well-fitted suit.

He can have any woman, yet he wants me. I don't deny our instant spark, but I can't understand his attraction. I'm plain and skinny, wear ugly owl glasses and my monotone black hair is piled high on top of my head.

"Invite me in. Otherwise, I can't stay."

He says we know one another. I swear I've never met him. A woman can't forget his type of sexy--mouthwatering and panty-melting hot. But his eyes are familiar, and I can't shake the suspicion he had something to do with my assault.

When he reveals the unbelievable truth behind the story of how we're connected, he rocks the very foundation of my safe world. Will I demand he takes a much-deserved hike? Or will I ask him... to stay?



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"Packed with thrills and fun characters, The Fixer: The Naked Man is a quick and exciting read with a cliffhanger to leave you wanting more."

Kat’s back and in over her head with cops, criminals... and killers.

Christmas is around the corner but professional “fixer” Katerina Mills isn't feeling the holiday spirit, juggling college classes, a lovesick cop, and demanding clients.

Obnoxious hedge fund manager Simon Marcus wants Kat to get his prized Porsche back from his vengeful wife—but Simon isn’t the only one after the car.

Rock star writer Paul Patel needs something “special” to finish his next bestseller—something that will send Katerina straight to prison if she gets caught.

And what about mysterious Thomas Gallagher? His jobs are simple and easy. Is he just a bored billionaire, or is he watching Kat’s every move, making his own plans for her?

Katerina needs help. Enter handsome, elusive thief Alexander Winter. He’s back, tutoring Kat in all things criminal. But is that all he’s going to teach her?

Katerina Mills is still haunted by her first assignment...and her first assignment is about to come back to haunt her...a deadly enemy who’s closer than she thinks..



BLOG POST Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out >> A Collection of Science Fiction Gems @davidkscholes

The book contains 36 fast paced, action packed and entertaining short stories. 

From dangerous pursuits through hyperspace to Cold Case investigations involving travel into the future to Virtual Reality Traveller machines that really work to the frustrated aliens of Ground Team Report to Earth’s overburdening Galactic Commitment. 

From a Rescue Service for accidental inter-dimensional travelers to a being for whom Feeding Time is very emotional to a startling look at the Other Side to the shocking secret of the thin front line of Urban Pacifiers

And much more! 



BLOG POST Today's Featured .99¢ Kindle Book Is Out >> Love Thy Sister @scrittrice

Italian-born Mina Calvi lives in a mansion in idyllic Orange County, California with her protective older sister, Paola. Unemployed again and aimless, Mina can’t seem to find her niche in her adopted country, but confusion and restlessness soon become the least of her problems. Someone is stealing from the software business owned by Paola and her husband, losses so great the business is sinking like the Titanic. And the strange death of a company employee turns out to be murder. Then, while, facing a loss so terrible she can’t bear it, Mina discovers an old family secret that turns her world upside down. There’s some solace in the arms of her blue-eyed lover, amateur sleuth Brian Starr, but danger still stalks her at every turn, edging closer and closer as Mina tries to untangle the web of lies, adultery and treachery, and put her life back together