SproutSocial is an affordable social media scheduling software that is web-based. Since you use it through a browser, there's no software to download.

The biggest positive feature of SproutSocial is that you can schedule posts for many days by entering the post into the editor just once. Then, you click the dates on a calendar to schedule the posts.

Other similar services require entering the post for one, scheduling it for that day, saving it, and repeating the process for the next day. It's very time consuming.

Some other services also won't let you post the same post the next day or a few days out - it's blocked as being "too similar."

So if you want to, for example, schedule your book promotion to let your twitter fans know your book will be free for a 7-day period, other scheduling software other than SproutSocial makes it virtually impossible.


Start with a 30-day Free Trial, so you can see for yourself if SproutSpcial is a good fit! If you have any questions about SproutSocial, feel free to comment below.

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