5 Sites That Pay for Literary Writing


Do you need a little side hustle to make some extra income while you're working on your book? Submit your writing to literary sites!

Not all are currently accepting submissions, so read through their guidelines. We'll be adding resources with future blog posts, so be sure to check back here. Or signup for our newsletter to stay up to date: http://contentmo.com/newsletter-signup/


Here's a list of five websites that pay for literary writing:

The Atlantic - Read through the "Submissions to The Atlantic" section of the FAQ

Tin HouseTin House accepts submissions in the months of September and March. Their website states: We are currently reading for all open issues as well as one upcoming theme: 
Spring 2018: CANDYβ€”What's that sweet thing you crave that also may be ruining your life?
Summer 2018: No theme, just some quality fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to cool off with in the shade.

The Threepenny Review - At present The Threepenny Review is paying $400 per story or article, $200 per poem or Table Talk piece. They will begin accepting submissions in January 2018.

A Public Space -  A Public Space accepts submissions of fiction, essay, poetry, as well as multigenre work. Novellas and novel excerpts are always welcome.

jubilat - Writers are welcome to submit poetry, poetics or subjects that have nothing to do with poetry. They don't publish short stories.

Good luck on your submissions! Please share any resources you have by reading below. Until next time!

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