Here's a book by Ashley Emma that is getting great reviews, and can help you as an author through the book publishing and marketing process.

It's called: Fearless Author: Prepare, Publish and Launch Your Own eBook

As of today, it's priced at .99Β’ and is FREE to read via Kindle Unlimited.


Here's a synopsis of the book:

Have you always dreamed of becoming an author? Do you want to use a book to build your business, get high-paying leads on autopilot, and beat your competition?

Fearless Author will teach you everything you need to know about self-publishing your own book. Whether your goal is to achieve your dream of becoming an author or you want to skyrocket your business by using your book as your β€œUltimate Business Card," Fearless Author will give you a step-by-step system with helpful bonuses & checklists. There is even a free webinar training on how I used this book to generate over $17,000 in client work in its first month.
If you want even more self-publishing help beyond this book, schedule your free call with me at Emma.

You no longer have to wait for permission from an agent or a publishing house to become a successful published author. With the right tools, mindset, and skills, you can self-publish any book you want in a few short months!
Let me show you exactly how I launched 3 bestselling books before the age of 25.

Download the FREE Fearless Author printable Book Launch & Marketing Checklist, get 3 of my books for free, and register for my free author training at You'll also get all my future eBooks for free.


One of the reasons Mo likes this book so much is that is mentioned in it! But seriously folks, I read it and its a fantastic resource on getting your book going from start to finish. Already read it? Please leave feedback below in the comments, I'd enjoy seeing what YOU THINK! Until next time ....

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