Does a Better Book Cover Improve Book Sales?

Authors are creative people; wordsmiths who work hard to deliver quality content to their readers. Before a reader chooses a book to read, the first two things that pop out at them is the title and the cover. A quality book cover is the first impression of what the potential buyer will get. If the cover is low-quality, it follows the reader assumes that the story or information inside will be as well.

The purpose of the book cover is to get the customer to pick it up (paperback or hardcover) or to download it (ebook). You can't afford to lose the opportunity of a potential customer shying away from your book when you book cover isn't up to par.

Then comes the question of budget. Many writers are working on a thin margin when it comes to money to invest in their book. But there are two websites that can help you develop a quality book cover for an affordable price.



FIVERR is a website with thousands of high quality graphic designers who can work with you to develop a stunning book cover. They also have graphic artists who do 3D covers, back covers, and spine designs. Fiverr is free to join.

When I did a quick search using the term "book cover" I got hundreds of results - starting price $10.


FREELANCER.COM is a popular website where you can find thousands of freelance graphic designers. You can negotiate rates, or you can run a contest. With a contest, freelancers compete by submitting hundreds of ideas. You award your prize to the best entry!

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