ContentMo Custom Image Order Information

What size is the image?

Actual Size is 1024 x 512

What format is the image?

You can order in .JPG or .PNG format if you want to use the image "as is".

If you'd like to edit our work yourself, order the .PSD format for Photoshop or the .XCF format for GIMP.

You'll choose the format on the order form after payment is completed.

Who owns the copyright on the image?

Once you've purchased the image from ContentMo, you own full copyrights to the image.

Can you use the image anywhere you want?

You sure can! You own full copyrights.

Can ContentMo use the image?

We use the image to jazz up any promotional orders you place with us.

You may also allow us, in an email writing where you give us permission, to post your image in our sample gallery. Hey, it's free publicity for you, and we get to show off our work!

Otherwise, no we DO NOT.

Do you have more questions?

Use the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page. We'll reply to you via email.