We are devoted to everything involving reading. Our passion is books, especially eBooks, that are like good friends. If you feel like you "lost a friend" when a book ends, we know exactly how you feel. We want to to introduce you to that new friend, as soon as possible, so you can enjoy the new friendship without a gap.

Once we shared our passion with our fellow readers, our fans began to grow....and grow....and grow. We realized we could help authors, the creators of our "friends", especially indie authors with limited budgets to promote to their books and increase their distribution.

Our email address: ContentMo@gmail.com

Our Story

We bought our ereaders and we got hooked! One of us has a few Kindles (ahem) and there is a Nook and a Kobo on the tables as well.

We decided to share our passion for free & inexpensive eBooks and eReaders & Accessories and let our folks know what great stuff we found. Our followers grew, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Our latest addition is FancyIt.  All of our followers are people for a passion for books, whether reading, writing, distributing or discussing them, and we enjoy every minute we share with them.