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Love Me

by Cristin Cooper



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Stand Alone Book 2 in the Always series. +18 due to mature content.

Kimmie excelled at a career she loved, but her personal life was one long train wreck after another. Beautiful and vibrant, she never had trouble finding men who wanted her, at least for a night. Finding one who loved her was something else entirely.
She knew love existed. She’s seen it in the eyes of her parents and knew her sister and brother-in-law had found it. Then after one horrendous night, belief in love became too painful.
Convinced people like her don’t get “happily ever after’s" she swore off men and gave up her dream of having a family of her own. Then she met a man who showed her what it was to truly be loved. But will she be able to let go of old hurt to make a future with him?



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More Assurance, Spiritual Joy and Eternal Peace in Jesus Christ fully here in Spirit ! !

Brother Dave A Jesusonian

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Have more assurance, spiritual joy and eternal peace in living faith in the unconditional love and lavish mercy of our Father God as revealed by our Sovereign Savior Jesus Christ fully here in Spirit ! This unique, gloriously inspiring book has selected highlights and extensive comments explaining and contrasting intellectual belief leading up to living faith which is a free Gift to all humans from our Father God to our souls and minds.

The author is a trans-denominational, trans-ecclesiastical, Spirit of Truth-led, Jesusonian Christian who has changed his former vocations in science and technology to his eternal avocation of sharing the supernal and new Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ to all humans. He has extensively studied, taught and published on this topic and related spiritual and theological subjects for over thirty-seven years to date.



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Dark Designs from Kyrobooks Spring 2017

Dark Designs from Kyrobooks, #1

Kyla Ross



In the Spring 2017 collection of dark short fiction from Kyrobooks, accidents happen and kids go without sleep. Myths are tested and victims are sought out. 

A woman and her sister crash into a river. A boy dreads the visit of an unsolicited being. Two brothers test a Christmas myth and get more than they bargain for. A new mother takes a driving gig only to find herself at the mercy of a deranged gunman.  A couple have a much anticipated talk and a would-be serial killer stalks his next victim.



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Britain is overrun with zombies. Quaint villages, stately homes and majestic castles echo with the moans of the undead. Staff Sergeant Breht wanders alone through it all. He has a revolver, one bullet and a single burning desire – to hunt down the man who betrayed his trust, butchered his friends and left him for dead.

Haunted by grim memories, Breht tracks him through a hostile wilderness, intent on only one thing: to deliver that last bullet.

But first he must survive the rapacious hunger of the undead.