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Dark Designs from Kyrobooks Spring 2017

Dark Designs from Kyrobooks, #1

Kyla Ross



In the Spring 2017 collection of dark short fiction from Kyrobooks, accidents happen and kids go without sleep. Myths are tested and victims are sought out. 

A woman and her sister crash into a river. A boy dreads the visit of an unsolicited being. Two brothers test a Christmas myth and get more than they bargain for. A new mother takes a driving gig only to find herself at the mercy of a deranged gunman.  A couple have a much anticipated talk and a would-be serial killer stalks his next victim.



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Britain is overrun with zombies. Quaint villages, stately homes and majestic castles echo with the moans of the undead. Staff Sergeant Breht wanders alone through it all. He has a revolver, one bullet and a single burning desire – to hunt down the man who betrayed his trust, butchered his friends and left him for dead.

Haunted by grim memories, Breht tracks him through a hostile wilderness, intent on only one thing: to deliver that last bullet.

But first he must survive the rapacious hunger of the undead.