Book Description

Publication Date: August 31, 2014

A man with a shady past and no moral compass is accused of trying to kill his business partner. 

He has plenty of motive and no alibi. In desperate need of help, he turns to Private Investigator Burnside. Despite their checkered history, Burnside, the former football star and LAPD officer, is intrigued enough to take the case. 

As Burnside probes into the man's seamy world, he uncovers much more than he anticipated. From former clients to spurned lovers to angry underworld figures, there are many people who harbor reasons to commit murder. With many avenues to go down, Burnside doggedly pursues an investigation that confounds everyone involved, and also leads the police to suspect Burnside himself of a capital crime. 

Combining an intricate plot with compelling characters, Burnside goes down yet another treacherous path. Fraught with wry humor, the unexpected climax of the story will take readers by surprise -- in more ways than one.